About holiday villas in Chania Crete

There are many kinds of holiday villas in Chania, Crete, if what you want are special holidays. Chania is the greenest region in Crete, and arguably the one with the most scenic countryside, so staying in a villa in the Chania countryside is an excellent idea.

Daphnis Villas are holiday villas located about 15 kilometers west of Chania city, in the area of Pyrgos Psilonerou. Pyrgos Psilonerou has a perfect location: very close to the famous Platanias resort, and between Chania city to the east and the remote town of Kissamos, or Kastelli, to the west, it lies almost on the centre of an area in northwest Crete that is excellent for quiet, tranquil holidays, yet has lots of amenities.

Holiday villas in Chania – villas in the countryside of Crete

Daphnis villas are holiday villas in the Chania countryside. The area of Pyrgos Psilonerou, where the villas are located, is full of trees. In the morning, the villas are the perfect spot to cool down from the hot midday sun. And in the night, the crickets are putting you to sleep with their discreet song.
The holiday villas in the Chania countryside are also ideal to get acquainted with the traditional, rural side of Crete. Although Crete is famous for its splendid beaches, its inland is equally interesting: very picturesque and featuring a unique flora and fauna.

Holiday villas in Chania – villas on the Crete beaches

If looking at the endless sea is what you want in your holidays, then a holiday villa in Chania by the sea may be the best option. The cooling sea breeze of summer and the ability to get into the sea seconds after leaving your villa are of paramount importance for some visitors.

A beach holiday villa in Chania can be modern or traditional, with both types being popular in the island. Many times the villas that are too close to the beach have a smaller pool – or no pool at all – as the sea is a few meters away.

The critics of renting a beach holiday villa claim that the humidity is high or that there might be too windy on the beach. However, this is just a matter of taste. And in Chania region you can find a great selection of beach holiday villas to choose from.

Regarding Daphnis Villas, although they are not located right on the beach, their distance is a few minutes’ walk from one of the most serene and uncrowded beaches near Chania city – a large sandy beach more than 4 kilometers long that spans from the village of Gerani to the east up to the village of Maleme to the west. Like all the especial holiday villas, Daphnis Villas combine the best of two worlds: the scenic countryside of Crete and the magnificent beaches of Chania.

Holiday villas in Chania, Crete, is an exclusive kind of accommodation that in recent years has become far more affordable, especially for families or for groups of couples travelling together. When scheduling your holidays in Chania, it would be a good idea to consider staying in a holiday villa: Chania region is a “natural fit” to this type of accommodation.