Staying in a villa in Platanias Chania

When on your holidays in Chania, staying in a villa in Platanias is one of the best ways for real relaxation in West Crete. Of course, an even better way is to stay in the nearby Daphnis Villas in Pyrgos Psilonerou, where you can experience all the advantages of Platanias without its hustle.

Platanias is one of the most known beach resorts in West Crete. It is also located very close to Chania city. Staying in a villa in Platanias is a guarantee that your holidays will be long remembered.

The advantages of staying in a villa in Platanias, Chania

West Crete, and especially Chania region, is for many visitors the most beautiful part of the island. The whole area is full of vegetation and olive groves, plane trees and orange trees.

Platanias is one of the best places to stay during your holidays in Chania. Apart from the excellent amenities in the village, there is a magnificent, 4 kilometers long beach. When staying in a villa in Platanias, you have the opportunity to combine the sweet water pool of the villa and the sandy organized beach of Platanias.

In addition, Platanias’ location is extremely handy, if you want to visit the best sights Chania region has to offer. First of all, it is very close to Chania city, the most interesting city in Crete, with its Old City, its Venetian Harbor and its outstanding history and architecture.

On the other hand, when staying in a villa in Platanias, Chania, you are also very close to the very interesting uncrowded villages and beaches of Gerani, Maleme, Tavronitis, Kolymbari and Kissamos or Kastelli. And that’s not all: Platanias is very close to the road that leads south to Paleochora, which is the center of holidays, beach culture and entertainment in southwest Crete.

Another advantage of Platanias is its old village, located upon a hill with splendid view, which is called Ano Platanias. When in Ano Platanias, although you are less than a kilometer from the center of Platanias village and the beach, you feel like you are in another place: there are cobbled streets, gardens with flowers near the houses, and the feeling of a traditional village in Crete. Indeed, Ano Platanias is not to be missed.

The disadvantages of staying in a villa in Platanias, Chania

Platanias is an excellent place for your holidays in Chania and West Crete, but staying in a villa into the village comes with some disadvantages, as well. Possibly the most significant disadvantage is the sheer number of visitors that flock to Platanias, especially during the high season.
This means that, although staying in a villa means tranquil, quiet holidays, the cosmopolitan nature of Platanias may make this tranquility difficult. When staying in a villa that is near – and not in – Platanias resort, you can better feel the raw charm of the Cretan countryside. Daphnis Villas in the nearby Pyrgos Psilonerou settlement are ideal to do exactly this.

The same goes for the beach: when staying in a villa in Platanias, the beach of the village, although excellent, is possibly the most crowded in Chania region. If you want to unwind in a quiet and secluded beach, it is better to stay outside of Platanias village. The magnificent, serene beaches of Gerani and Maleme, which are in a very short distance from Daphnis Villas, are practically never crowded.

Staying in a villa in Platanias, Chania, is a very good idea, for the many advantages Platanias village has to offer. However, staying in a villa near Platanias, like Daphnis Villas in Pyrgos Psilonerou, is an even better idea, if relaxed and quiet holidays are what you want.