Tavronitis Chania Crete – a beautiful village in West Crete

Tavronitis, Chania, is a very nice small village west of Maleme. It is located about 4 kilometers west of Pyrgos Psilonerou and Daphnis Villas.

Tavronitis is a quiet place that is at the same time a small travel destination and a year-round working Cretan village. Many visitors fall in love with the place.

Historically, Tavronitis village, along with the neighboring Maleme village, has associated its name with the Battle of Crete in World War II. It was in Tavronitis Bridge that the first wave of attacks took place in May of 1941, when thousands of German paratroopers landed in the area of Maleme in an overwhelming attempt of the Nazi forces to occupy Crete, something that they finally managed to do, after many losses from both sides.

Tavronitis, Chania – the village

Tavronitis village is built at the mouth of the homonymous Tavronitis River, which gets dry in summer. It is perfectly located between the wonderful beach and the White Mountains (“Lefka Ori”) of Crete. From the village there is breathtaking view to the scenery and the wilderness of Rodopou Peninsula.
Inside the village, you can find traditional cafes and taverns, bakers, mini-markets and doctor’s office. Around Tavronitis, Chania, there are plenty of olive groves, vineyards and orange trees.

Also, the location of Tavronitis is ideal if you want to explore South Crete. Here is the beginning of the road that leads to Paleochora, the most well known destination in the south of Chania prefecture. The road is very scenic and passes through many traditional villages of inland Crete, which have been mostly untouched by time.

Tavronitis, Chania – the beach

Tavronitis beach is possibly the most tranquil and quiet beach in the area. The pebbly beach features crystal clear waters and is a short stroll from the centre of Tavronitis village.
The uncrowded beach and the serene natural environment are ideal for relaxation. Tavronitis, Chania, draws many couples and families for these reasons. Near the beach you can find amenities like cafes and taverns.

Tavronitis is a small village with a distinct character that is more fit to the visitors that want quiet, relaxed holidays. If we add the advantage of easy reaching some of the best sights in the region, like Balos beach, Paleochora, Falassarna beach and Elafonissi beach,Tavronitis, Chania, is a very interesting place to visit during your holidays in Crete.